Dave Miller

Q&A with Dave¬†–¬†

Favorite Pearl Jam record: Ten and Vs. are two of all-time best albums ever recorded, but Yield is my favorite of theirs.

Favorite Pearl Jam song(s): To play it would be “I Got Id” , “Alone” or “Porch” antyhing rockin’ and aggressive. To listen to… that’s tough… the introspective songs like “Release”, “In Hiding” and “Present Tense” have always been go to songs for me. I also love “Rise”.

Favorite Pearl Jam concert: Each are so different that I can’t pick one. It was cool to see the reunion of Temple of the Dog in 2009.

Best Pearl Jam memory: Being feet away from Jeff Ament play with RNDM at Fingerprints in Long Beach is something I’ll always remember. After the show I got to meet him. He was stoked to hear that I play bass in a PJ tribute.

What else is on your iPod other than Pearl Jam? A whole lot of Rush!

What are you doing when you are not impersonating your rock heroes? Spending time with my wife.