Downloadable Electronic Press Kit

All promotional material is provided here for your convenience including the band rider.

We are fully equipped to perform in any size venue or outdoor event. Upon request, we can provide a complete state-of-the-art sound system and our own sound engineer. We assist in promoting your event via our weekly newsletter, social media posts, and other various promotional tools such as full-size color posters for each show. Your event will also be promoted on our website.

Vitalogy Hi-Res Logo

JPG of Vitalogy logo in hi-res.

For promotional purposes only.

Vitalogyband Promo flyer

Vitalogy Hi-Res Promo Photo

JPG promo photo collage with logo.

For promotional purposes only.

Vitalogy Bio Snippet

A short bio snippet with testimonials.

For informational purposes only.

PDF document of stage plot.

For promotional purposes only.

Vitalogy Input List

PDF document of input list.

For promotional purposes only.

Vitalogy Backline Rider

Backline requirements and rider.

For informational purposes only.


The Ultimate Tribute to Pearl Jam

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